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We're a site devoted to sharing interesting, creative and valuable resources for living an intentions, simple and conscious lifestyle. We want to help you make value driven decisions that enrich your life and widen your perspective.

We're 30-somethings living in Denver, Colorado. Like almost everyone I know here, we're transplants; in our case, from the Midwest. There's no way to describe the awe of waking up to views of the Rockies or just how fabulous the weather here is, so you'll just have to come see for yourself.

We live in a 700 square foot home with my guy's two daughters (5 and 7) and our Australian Terrier, Sancho. We're a one-income family making a great life for ourselves and the little ladies by living our life with voluntary simplicity.

Yes, I could go get a job and spend 40+ hours each week doing something I don't enjoy. I could serve my family processed foods filled with unpronounceable ingredients and not be around for the doggie.

Instead, we choose for me to stay home and forgo that income. I get to spend my days doing things I love; like gardening, cooking, baking and couponing. We haven't bought a loaf of bread, a "prepared" meal or bought more than a dozen items not labeled "organic" in the past 6 months.

We're trying to create a sustainable lifestyle on our city lot. We're making the most of our approx. 400 square foot backyard by putting in organic vegetable gardens during the growing season, and installing an aquaponics system in our basement for the winter months.

Craig and Noël in the Rockies

We're making mistakes along the way, but we're happy and we're learning.

Please share in our adventure!

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