Brain Exercises


Keep your senses and your wit strong by devoting some time to brain exercises. Especially for those of us that are closer to 40 than 30 - or have already passed the mark - keeping your brain in shape means less time saying, "It was just on the tip of my tongue" and more time helping the kids with algebra homework ... although you don't have to admit you do actually remember how to do algebra homework. We've included some vocabulary building and memory games to make it fun so you'll actually WANT to do it!

Lumosity claims to improve brain function if you play their games daily.

I signed up for the free trial a week or so ago but have not played daily; maybe a total of 4 times. My scores have improved over the week but I don't know if that's because my brain is firing better. As I don't believe this is long enough to show an effect, I will reserve my opinion of the functionality.

I will say that the games are fun and engaging, sometimes frustrating, and my memory is not as good as I thought it was. If you're going to play games on the computer anyway, why not play one that might also exercise your brain?


As silly as it may feel, playing a memory card game can actually help improve your memory. Plus you can play with the kids!

Vocabulary Building

The best brain exercises for vocabulary building is reading - but no, not Facebook or a magazine. Read at least one book each month and you'll be amazed at the words you suddenly know!

Crossword puzzles are also great for building your vocabulary.

Build your self esteem with these Self Esteem Exercises.

Slow down or even stop Father Time with these Anti-Aging Exercises.

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