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Glass Slipper Planter

Glass Slipper Planter

Where do you find eco friendly shoes? Vegan shoes? Hemp shoes? There's lots of grocery and clothing options which are produced responsibly, but the availability shoes may be somewhat lacking unless you shop online.

On the interweb or world wide net you can find just about anything. Including shoes made of bamboo, recycled tires, organic cotton, cork, bamboo and, yes, even hemp.

I'm not going to list the dozens of sites that will come up if you do a search. What I will do is tell you what to be on the lookout for when you do find your new shoes and decide to order online.

Research the Manufacturer

Just because a site labels them eco friendly shoes doesn't mean they really are. You really can't believe everything on the interweb. Except this site, of course. THIS site is completely trustworthy. I promise.

If you're serious about some vegan shoes, do some research. Check their legitimacy. Check their shipping methods. Check their sourcing methods. A truly green site will brag about their behind-the-scene activities and will welcome your inquiries.

If they're not forthcoming on any portion of their supply chain, the greenest thing about them could be the shade of those hemp shoes.

Make Sure of the Sizing

Every manufacture's shoes run just a little different when it comes to size. Some are a little smaller, wider, larger or narrower than others. When possible, opt for online retailers that will give you the specific measurements of the shoes.

Check the Return Policy

If your brand new eco friendly shoes don't fit, can you exchange them? Do you have to pay for shipping again?  If your hemp shoes are a different color than the website's picture, can you get a full refund? Is return shipping refunded as well? If your vegan shoes just aren't comfortable will your credit card be refunded or will you have to settle for store credit?

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