Green Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning Products

You're searching for green cleaning products now that you've joined the green living movement. Search no further! Find homemade cleaning solutions as well as retail options here.


Combine lemon juice with kosher salt for an effective and non-toxic rust remover. Combine lemon juice with vinegar for a great way to shine and freshen you wood floors. Mix lemon juice with olive oil for an effective cleanser and conditioner for polishing your wood.

Club soda or a vinegar mixture can remove laundry stains. Apply solution, scrub with a toothbrush and wash as usual. Even removes yellowing from garments' underarms!

For a little more muscle, make a paste with baking powder. The soft abrasion will help clean up hard water stains and the solidified toothpaste none of the kids left in the sink. Use this any where you would use Soft Scrub or Comet powder. You can also sprinkle it on carpets before vacuuming to deodorize your floors like you do your fridge and freezer.

White vinegar is a great choice for the kitchen and bath. It is slightly acidic and great at removing limescale deposits, soap scum and grease. Use one part vinegar to 8 parts water to tackle tubs, toilets and mirrors in the bath. It's even safe for making your hardwood floors sparkle! If you'd like a fresher scent, combine lemon juice with the vinegar for a double punch of cleaning power! Do not, however, use vinegar on marble as it may etch the surface.


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Eco Nuts
Deluxe Natural Cleaning Set has a large selection of green cleaning products, including this starter kit by Epic.

Epic Green Cleaners
Want to know why that product is Green? has loads of green cleaning products, including this all purpose cleaner.

Charlie's Soap
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