Green Gardening Tip

by Becky
(Seneca, IL)

One of my favorite ways to keep my flower and/or vegetable garden growing is to add - yes I'm going to say it - old horse manure. (It doesn't smell and it's not yucky if it's old.) Dig it in, in your garden before you plant or dig it in around established flower/ veggies. It also works wonders if dug in around bushes.

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Jan 20, 2013
Reply to Becky/Green Gardening Tip
by: NoelAnn

What a great idea, Becky! Does the same (it doesn't stink if it's old) hold true for other manures, as well? How deep into the soil do you work the manure and how much do you use?
Thanks so much for sharing your green gardening tip!

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