Green Shopping

Green Shopping

Green shopping is a must for a green lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for saving you the most possible green while also keeping your conscience - and the planet - happy.

Buy Local

Start your green shopping by skipping the mega-marts. The amount of contaminants items could have picked up anywhere along their supply chain is enough to literally make you sick. Shop farmers' markets and frequent mom-and-pop stores. You have a much better idea where things came from and you're reducing your carbon footprint by keeping that supply chain localized. Plus supporting local business supports your local economy.

Buy Local


From the containers the items are packed in to the bags you pack the items in to, your choices make an impact.

Bring your reusable bags with or leave them in your car so you're always prepared. Most markets such as Whole Foods offer a discount if you bring your own bags.

Choose less packaging. It takes energy and resources to create the container. Even if you're going to recycle it, choose options with less packaging in the first place to reduce your waste.

Choose Organic

Not just for the Earth - do it for your health and your kids' health. I see posts often on Facebook or Twitter about which vegetables or fruits are safe for you to purchase in the non-organic options and it hurts my soul. Just because you're not eating the chemicals doesn't mean they don't exist in your air, water and soil. By purchasing the non-organic options, you're letting your dollars speak for you. Chose organic and vote for sustainable farming and growing options.

This goes for groceries and textiles.

Responsibly sourced bamboo and organic cotton are great options for clothing and bedding.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Remake


Choose second-hand stores for your clothing, shoes and furnishings. The four R's of being environmentally friendly remind us that opting to remake or reuse something keeps it from the landfill and is usually the most frugal option.

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