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Use quantum physics to develop healthy habits to further your healthy living lifestyle. Quantum physics. Scary, right? Don't worry, I won't get all technical or use words I'll have to link to their definition.

Quantum physics, in a nutshell, throws out our previous knowledge of how the universe works. For every action, there is NOT an equal and opposite reaction. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The world is not actually physical, but a manifestation of energy. The observer is not disengaged, but an integral part of the result. Nothing happens, appears or even IS unless we choose for it to be.

There is no part of your brain that is responsible for making decision.

There is no part of your body that is responsible for making decisions.

If your brain or body is not responsible for making decisions, what is? It is the true you, which is entirely energy. Call it your soul, your true self; but know that this is the intangible which makes YOU you.

Consider your current beliefs. Do you believe that you deserve happiness? Do you believe that you deserve wealth? Do you believe that you deserve to be healthy, fit and at a healthy weight?

Chances are you are struggling with at least one of these areas. The first step to beat your beliefs, and the results which these beliefs manifest, is to rethink your thinking.

Do you spend much of your time focused on what you don't have, what didn't happen or what you are not? Quantum physics PROVES that the energy we send out into our environments effects the results we experience. Expect the worst and you'll get it. Conversely, if you expect and BELIEVE you deserve the best, you will often get the best!

The most important of healthy habits is to consider your thoughts and anticipations and the results they will produce. Don't dwell on the negatives - what you DON'T want to happen - but be filled with gratefulness for the great things that WILL happen.

Before working out, BELIEVE that the exercise will make you stronger, faster and leaner. Before eating, BELIEVE that the food will make you healthy, full and filled with usable nutrition that will be converted into energy or muscle rather than fat.

Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail

For more information on how to manifest the life you want, and how to change your beliefs to help you achieve that life, please read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail by Greg Kuhn.

With an engaging writing style, Kuhn makes quantum physics approachable and helps you change your fish tank - your perception of reality.

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