Homestead Urban Gardens

Welcome to Homestead Urban Gardens!

Located in Northwest Denver, we are growing heirloom plants (fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers) organically and locally from seed.

Homestead Urban Gardens

Homestead Urban Gardens Pallet Planter

This custom pallet planter was designed and purchased to be given as a wedding gift. What a unique and creative idea! Contact us today to design your custom pallet planter and have 16 square feet of garden space on your urban balcony!

Homestead Urban Gardens Heirloom Sweet Corn

If you have more space available, consider adopting some plants today! Not only are they beautiful to watch grow, they'll yield the freshest and most natural produce you'll ever have - directly from your yard to your table!

In addition to plants and pallet planters, we also offer

  • Raised garden bed design and installation
  • Weekly maintenance for your garden
  • On-call assistance with your garden issues
  • Year-round seed starting in our backyard greenhouse - tell us what you want, and we'll grow it for you!

  • Love fresh veggies, herbs and fruits but don't have the time to maintain a garden?
  • Want to know exactly where your food comes from and what is used to grow it?
  • Dream of a flourishing vegetable garden but cursed with a black thumb?

Become a Yard Angel today! We're seeking additional spaces in the Denver area to grow heirloom fruits and vegetables locally and naturally - no chemicals, no pesticides and no hormones. We plant, maintain and harvest your unused yard space and you get a share of the harvest. Contact Homestead Urban Gardens today to grow food, not lawns!

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