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There are legitimate work from home jobs and home businesses, but it's hard to find them with all of the scams floating around the internet.

To help determine if what you're considering are legitimate work from home jobs, consider these "flags" from the BBB to avoid scams:

  • Exaggerated claims how well the product works.
  • Testimonials from "people just like you."
  • Out of this world claims of profits, or part-time earnings.
  • Claims of "inside" information.
  • Requirements of money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works.
  • Claims of "No Experience Necessary."
  • Always take time to investigate the company you are going to work for.
  • Remember this is a potential career and you should do the same amount of homework as you would do a traditional job.
  • Ask for a local reference and talk to that person about the job (including how much they make). Insist on talking to real person. Don’t just trust audio or video recordings.
  • Find out where the company is located and do some research on the BBB Web site to see if they are legitimate.
  • If the job wants you to do additional recruiting, back off right away. This could be a sign of a pyramid scheme (most of these are not just scams, they're illegal and you could face prosecution).
  • Finally, don't pay anything before you work. These are real scams, and all you get is lost time and money.

According to Bankrate.com, the top 10 careers to consider for legitimate work from home jobs are:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Translator
  • Web developer/designer
  • Call center representative
  • Tech support specialist
  • Travel agent
  • Teacher
  • Writer/editor
  • Franchise owner

If you're looking for something more than working for someone else from your home, I suggest making your legitimate work from home jobs a home based business. Below are two opportunities that I personally endorse and strongly recommend you explore the merits of.


Vemma has range of products that are both healthy and delicious. Products for adults, athletes, children and those needing a boost. Consider Vemma if you're looking to build a home based business that is simple, provides a TON of support, and something you can feel good about promoting.

Interested in building a business based around your area of expertise or knowledge? Consider Solo Build It! Their information and knowledge is seemingly endless, and their tools are incredibly user-friendly and simple to use. They have step-by-step instructions and tips and if you invest the time and thought, there's little chance you won't succeed!


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