Organic Cotton Shirt

Organic Cotton Shirt

I actually bought myself a new piece of clothing - an organic cotton shirt.

I pared my wardrobe down to less than 100 items last fall and am quite proud that I wear everything I own pretty equally - there are no "duds" in the back of my closet or dresser.

What I was missing was a go-to T-shirt since my previous favorite - a John Deere shirt from my IL farm days - is now only suitable to wear UNDER other clothes and has to go. Although I haven't been able to let go of it yet - I'm thinking of making an apron or pillow from the "As Green As It Gets" logo - I decided to get myself a new organic cotton t-shirt.

I was drawn, time and time again, to the above organic cotton shirt from Ban T-Shirts. I love the statement, like the color and it "spoke" to me. I ordered it last week and it arrived a few days later.


It runs a bit small, but I was prepared for that so I ordered up a size. Since I only wash in cold water and line dry our clothes, it didn't get any smaller after washing. The sleeves are not too short, the length is perfect and it just fits across my chest.


This shirt seems very well made. All of the seams are strong and there are no loose strings. There was no difference after the first washing and I anticipate having this shirt as long as I did my previous favorite T - at least a decade.


The checkout process at Ban T-Shirts was easy and smooth. I ordered the shirt and it came around 4 days later. Perfect!


This is without a doubt the most comfortable T-shirt I've ever owned. Right out of the package, it felt like it'd been washed a hundred times. The cotton is soft, the perfect thickness, soft and soft - like 1,000 TC Egyptian cotton soft.

If you're considering purchasing an organic cotton shirt from Ban T-Shirts, don't hesitate. I'm sure it will quickly become your favorite shirt, too!

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Ben T

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