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As I stated in Green Living, I am a self-proclaimed eco-hippie. I want to be completely self-sufficient and have everything I need on my own patch of land. I want to can and freeze vegetables from our geodesic dome year-round. I want to spend my days in the kitchen, making marinara sauce from tomatoes I picked that morning. I know that that is the life I want for myself – not because I'm a woman and belong in the kitchen, but because I'm a woman who belongs in the kitchen.

We're working on the self-sufficiency part, but I thought I'd begin to share the recipes I make for my family.

Whenever possible, I choose natural and organic ingredients. I hate entering a department store, but LOVE a trip to a farmers' market and I prefer a bouquet of fresh spices to flowers any day. Quality ingredients do cost a bit more, but I consider it the price for peace of mind of knowing that we are protecting our bodies and the environment from pesticides and chemicals. Besides, quality ingredients will cost less, taste better and be healthier than eating out.

These organic recipes are created using healthy, flavorful ingredients resulting in healthy, flavorful dishes. Healthy doesn't have to be complicated or bland. Try our organic recipes today, and I'm sure you'll agree!

I LOVE to cook and bake for my family.

There's something so rewarding about

starting with a pile of raw ingredients and

creating something beautiful, healthy

and delicious to nourish my family.

All of the recipes on Discover Simple Living are created in my Denver, Colorado kitchen. I toss ingredients together until it has the look, taste, and texture that I want, then test the recipes on my tasters.

My tasters are my man and the little ladies, ages 5 and 7. These are really good girls who will taste almost anything, but won't tell me they like it if they don't. Every recipe listed here is approved by me, my man and at least one of the chicklets.

All of the recipes are kid-friendly for taste and presentation, but not all are kid-friendly for preparation. Use your judgement when involving your little ones in culinary projects.

Again, I have personally made all of these recipes, but some things to keep in mind:

  • We live in Denver, Colorado so you may need to adjust liquid amounts (1-2 TBSP less) in more humid climates.
  • Baking times listed are for our altitude and our oven. You should begin checking when 3/4 of the baking time has passed.
  • Ingredients are almost always optional/interchangeable when cooking, but baking measurements and ingredients should be exact (except aforementioned liquids).

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