Renewable Energy World

Renewable Energy World

Welcome to our renewable energy world: a world full of green fuel and renewable resources with a bit about fossil fuels thrown in for good measure. You have to know what you’re protecting in order to want to help, right?

What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are, well, fuels;  namely, coal, petroleum (oil) and natural gas formed by the decomposition of buried organisms.

 What’s the problem with relying on fossil fuels? Here are a few

  • Fossil fuels take millions of years to form since they’re created by decomposition pared with heat and pressure in the earth’s crust.
  • Resources are being depleted at a much higher rate than they can be regenerated. The supply is finite … and running out.
  • Burning fossil fuels for power generates twice the volume of carbon dioxide that the atmosphere can process, resulting in global warming/climate change.
  • Fighting over rights to fossil fuels causes wars … think Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.  I don’t believe the US would be involved in the Middle East if not for the lure of some control of their vast seas of “black gold” -  oil.

So we don’t want to rely on fossil fuels. What are the alternatives? A renewable energy world that relies on green fuels! These are renewable resources that have a smaller environmental impact and don’t take millions of years of to create.

Green fuels:

The category of biofuel includes bioethanol and biodiesel. Bioethanol is an alcohol made from fermentation, usually corn. It is not the same as moonshine, though, so don't drink it. Biodiesel is made from animal fat and vegetable oil. Read more about biofuels here.

Solar is a system of converting the sun's energy into electricity. Read more about solar power here.

Tidal is harnessing the power of ocean tides to create electricity. Click here for more on tidal power.

Wind power is a traditional power made from harnessing the wind either to directly power a machine (windmill) or to generate stored electricity (wind turbine). Explore wind power here.

Water/hydro is using the force of running water to directly power or generate stored electricity. Continue on the topic here.

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