Starting my indoor aquaponics garden

by Craig

I'm starting my indoor aquaponics garden in some extra space I have in my basement. I'll be using basic goldfish to start but plan to move up to talapia and rainbow trout once I get things installed and working properly. My fish reservoir will be beneath a 2' x 4' tray containing my potted plants and set up on a timer to feed once a day. I will be planting some basic lettuce and herbs to start and make sure everything is working properly. Once I feel comfortable that the system is set up correctly, I will move into doing a some tomatoes and peppers. I plan to expand this system into 3 trays being fed from one fish reservoir to get my outdoor plants started for this spring's garden. The lights I will be using are T5 fluorescent fixtures with 8 bulbs. I can turn on/off 4 bulb sets so I can use dim light to get the plants started and then switch to full 8 bulb mode once they can handle the extra light and heat.

I'm excited to be able to involve my daughters in this project so they can learn some tricks and see how easy it is to produce our own food (veggies and fish). They've had an aquarium before with decorative fish as pets, but how cool is it that they will be helping to raise fish that we'll be able to harvest and eat. Also, this seems like a cool way for them to learn about the symbiotic relationships between the fish and the plants.

I hope to post pictures once we get this little project up and running. Wish me luck!

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Jan 16, 2013
Reply to Craig
by: NoëlAnn

Best of luck on your project, Craig! I hope you will post some pictures soon.
Thanks again for your contribution to the Discover Simple Living community.

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