Working From Home

working from home

Looking for a work from home job?

Why build a profitable home based business?

Working from home is everyone's dream ... right?

The reasons for working from home are as diverse as the businesses

entrepreneurs create. I've been building a profitable home based business

for some time now, and I'm going to detail some of my favorite reasons

to have a work from home job, as well as a few of the drawbacks.


I don't have to wear a uniform, don't have to prepare my business casual and don't even have to put on shoes! I often don't get showered and dressed until just before my guy gets home from work. I leave the house less than once a week, so who cares! My favorite thing about working from home is the ability to work in my pajamas every day


Because I am my own boss, I have a great amount of freedom in my daily schedule. I have a list of 30 things to get done, yes, but I get to do them when and how I want. I have to write, answer emails, work on website layout and design, perfect recipes, check traffic stats, post and re-post on Facebook and Twitter and update search engines ... but I get to do it all how and when I want to. I usually write for a while then leave my words to steep as I focus on other tasks. I work on recipes as I'm preparing dinner so that I only destroy my kitchen once.

Another great part of the freedom of my home based business is the ability to mix in non-work tasks, such as laundry. Piles of laundry drive me crazy, so I try to do at least a load each day. Hanging the clothes on a line is a great excuse to get in some outdoor time each day.

I'm not tied to a cubicle so when the weather permits, I pick up my laptop and head outside. Getting to spend entire days outside in the warm Colorado sun is a big perk!


It takes me less than a minute to go from my bed to my office, which is most often our kitchen. I don't have to warm up a vehicle, don't have to scrape windows, and the only traffic jams are when Sancho (our 3 year old Australian Terrier) gets tangled in my feet.

I sold my car when I began my work from home job. If I need to go somewhere, I take the bus or walk. If I take the bus, I make pull out my laptop and make public transportation my office so I'm not losing time that could be productive.

Building a business from home is amazing; no alarms, no traffic jams,

no clocks to punch and no boss peeking over your shoulder all day.

But don't think it's like taking a sick day to snuggle back in

bed with your reality shows on. Building a profitable home business

is a risk, hard work, frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking.

Below are a few of my least favorite things about working from home.


From the time my guy leaves for work until he gets home, the only one I have to talk to or bounce ideas off of is our Australian Terrier, Sancho, and his unflagging approval is often misguided.

I don't have coworkers to eat lunch with. There's no one to complain about the boss with. Pandora keeps me company, but it's just not the same. If you're a super-social person that hates going a day without being with others, then building a home based business may not be right for you.


Good or bad, whatever the results of that day, you are completely responsible. The decisions you make for your home based business have far-reaching impact on your life. Second-guessing every decision so as to avoid negative effects can freeze your momentum and leave you stagnating. It's a lot of pressure to do everything right every single day. If that sounds like too much pressure, then perhaps you should not be considering work from home jobs.


Just as I consider it a benefit, the freedom of working from home is also a drawback. There's no one to help keep me on track, no one to help me decide the next step, no one to keep me from watching reality TV all day; except myself. If you're not a motivated person who can keep yourself productive then the chance to work from home may not be a good idea.

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